Our mission is to be the most affordable, innovative and accessible education available.

Founded in 2020

A private, not for profit, virtual, student centric, technology focused educational opportunity.

Information Technology Program

Information Technology is part of every field. It is the future and it is always in need.

KTU Certificates

KTU offers specialized certificate programs thaty can be used towards a KTU degree or enhance an existing undergraduate degree.

Associate Degree

KTU courses are intended to build towards an Associate Degree. KTU Certificates are tracks of courses that also satisfy some of the credits required of our Associate program.

Competency Based Education

We measure the student's knowledge of a subject rather than their time spent in a room.

Based On Industry Recognized Certifications

Using existing industry recognized exams gives students more than a course with each class.

We're Inclusive Not Exclusive

Other schools are proud of how many applicants they reject. We're proud of how many of their rejected graduate from KTU.*

KTU Administrative team

Matthew Leffler

Master of Education, Instructional Design
Master of Business Administration, Technology Management

KTU President


CompTIA Certificates 

Derrick Russell

Derrick Russell

Master of Education, Instructional Design
Master of Business Administration, Technology Management


Vice President of Academics


CompTIA Certificates 

Jimmy Ausbrooks

Master of Education, Counseling

Dean of Students

Vice President of Services


Christopher Coffman

Juris Doctor
Attorney At Law







Vice President of Finance





Vice President of Admissions


Admissions Department

Visit the KTU Admissions Department and learn
more about what we offer our students.
Admissions is where it begins.

Student Centric

A lot of institutions will claim to focus on students, but heres how we really do.

Students terms begin and end when the student is ready.  We don’t have a spring and fall schedule … 

we have your schedule.

If a student can pass the final exam on day one, we let them.  If they need more lectures on the topic, 

we have them.

Students are assigned a single point of contact called an Academic Mentor who is required to 

meet with them regularly.

Student’s have many choices in the courses they utilize to meet academic goals.

We’re a nonprofit so we do not have to balance 

student interests vs shareholder’s.

We’re tax exempt and tax deductible allowing us to deliver an education that 

does not bury our students in debt.

We believe that student centric means putting the student at the center of what we do, not making the student find our center.

Virtual Campus Sites

KTU is a virtual university utilizing technology to deliver courses and certifications without boundaries.  Most online universities are for profit and enrolling at one is a premium expense, KTU offers the flexibility of online education but without the price tag.

Virtual Campus Map

Technology Focus

KTU is a focused technology education institution.  Primarily because technology is in every field and access tech education.  

Technology was also a practical choice as its the field our staff has experience in, as the university grows expect business, communication and more.

KTUC Course Catalogue Digital Copy

KTUC Course Catalogue Paperback

Bachelor of Science
Information Technology

Associate of Science
Information Technology

Associate of Science
Information Technology

Certificate in
Information Technology

Certificate in
Search Engine Optimization

Certificate in
Search Engine Marketing

Additional Programs are available at the Programs section within the Academics section.  Associate of Science in Information Technology has two different programs one is largely course based while the other relies heavily on industry certificates.

Whats the future of KTU?

KTU is meant to fill the gap in education accessibility and those most needing that education. These gaps exist for various reasons, many created by traditional institutions themselves. Just because its been done a certain way before doesn't mean it should be done that way tomorrow. KTU addresses these challenges in novel ways.
Founded in 2020 as a new institution we plan to offer certificates, diplomas and Associate of Science degrees soon. Before we can grant these credentials we must be licensed.
We anticipate offering Bachelor Degrees within a few years, followed by graduate degrees.

CompTIA has offered IT certifications for decades. We use them as a backbone to our Information Technology program.

What is KTUC?

KTUC or Kentucky Technical University Corporation is a non-profit corporation. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt entity and has 501c3 status as a Public Charity.
KTU is a division of KTUC. For information about KTUC visit

Kentucky Technical University

While our learning and campus are virtual the KTU administrative office is physical and located in Louisville, KY.


Administration Office Monday - Friday: By Appointment
Learning and Support
Open 24/7

KTU Office

4010 Dupont Circle
Suite 480
Louisville, KY 40207

Phone:+1 844 446-2588

Email: [email protected]

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