About KTU


Kentucky Technical University is a private, nonprofit technical online learning environment, designed to deliver the best education to students with atypical needs. Officially the school is Kentucky Technical University Corporation, or KTUC. We’re a nonprofit corporation registered with the Secretary of State in Kentucky and an affiliate of Leffler Foundation Inc.. LFI, a tax exempt charitable organization, is working to improve tech skills of Kentuckians. Kentucky Technical University is one of the tools dreamed up to carry out that mission.

That means we do not operate with the goal to enrich shareholders or owners but to give technology education access to more Kentuckians.

We are not trying to compete with UL or UK what we are trying to do is provide an option to those left out by our state schools. We are the second or third, maybe the tenth chance school for our students. Maybe it was cost, schedules, performance or a lack of family support that prevented someone from attending a traditional college, either way we attempt to address things differently for them.

Who We Are

KTU was started by Matthew Leffler to address the need he perceives in Kentucky’s education system.  With the collective help of long time friends we set out to make a college that made sense to us.  With these three tenents:





How Are We Different

As a private institution KTU offers associate level degrees online and as a nonprofit, nonreligious school we are actually very different from any other Kentucky college.

There are similar institutions to KTU outside of Kentucky. Just go to Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri … basically go across any state line and you’ll likely find a Western Governors University that is sanctioned by that state and delivers an online, affordable education.
We know about WGU because between our administrators we hold six degrees including two Masters of Education from WGU. Competency based learning that embraces industry certifications.

But there isn’t a specific WGU program in Kentucky, so you’ve heard less about it and that’s unfortunate. It shows in our states education statistics.

KTU Another Difference

Student debt is staggering. Americans owe $1500000000 in student loans. The average student will take out $30,000 for a degree that usually pays them a starting salary of $50,000.
Kentucky statutes require accreditation or licensing for for-profit universities to ensure minimal quality, and rightly so when one considers these are among some of the most expensive schools. The average yearly cost of a for-profit college is $17,000. At KTU the maximum cost is $2600, that is about a seventh of the cost of other schools.
We think education shouldn’t be a profit center. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Not everyone will, but you should have the opportunity.

Innovation Is Lacking

Technology is everywhere but a lack of technical training has left Kentucky in the dark. Kentucky trails the nation in tech jobs, tech access and tech literacy. This limits the opportunity to communities and holds back the state as a whole.

To be exact, Kentucky is ranked 44th in the nation for knowledge and technology outputs. You can read more, the article is titled Most & Least Innovative States. There’s your first assignment, find that article. The saddest danger of this lack of technology is that most Kentuckians have no idea that they are so behind, they will never be innovators because they are living 15 years behind most states.

A serious but sadly comical illustration about how out of touch Kentucky is with technology is the list of top tech companies the state released. While it IS 13 years old now it is still a top result on Google, suggestion no new content has challenged it. This Lane Report article neglects to notice that most of the companies on the list are not tech companies by any means of the definition. Every company has a printer but that doesn’t make them a tech company. The actual tech companies that are on the list are not headquartered in Kentucky and have only a few employees in the state. It is a stretch to call them Kentucky tech companies. IBM is on the list twice, and is not remotely a Kentucky corporation.

But one can’t blame the Lane Report, the source is “Source: Cabinet for Economic Development” If the state can not even find enough companies that are actually Kentucky tech companies for a list … then they should act to fix that glaring problem.

How Can We Do It

First, this isn’t a new idea. As noted previously, we’re actually borrowing a lot from Western Governors University. A private, nonprofit online adult university. But we are more focused specifically on technology and need based tuition.

We don’t need half of what a typical college spends money on. In Kentucky the highest paid person in all of state government, state hospitals, public schools and universities is the Head Coach of Men’s Basketball at the University of Louisville.

The second highest paid is another of UL’s coaches, followed by the third highest paid state employee who is … a coach again at UL. The top 5 paid earners in all of Kentucky’s state payroll are coaches. Collectively they make over $10,000,000.

It tells you a lot about the priorities that have led Kentucky to being the 44th technical state.

We don’t have such crazy costs. We don’t have to build $135,000,000 stadiums. If you’re looking for an athletic program, then KTU is not for you. You’ll love the state’s public schools.

We put privately raised money, along with public donations, grants and tuition that we charge on a sliding scale all virtually into delivering courses.

At about $100 per credit hour we’re the most affordable education in Kentucky since 1997. The national average is $594! In Kentucky the average is about $420.

We charge tuition because people appreciate something they’ve paid for and the tuition helps us offer programs to more people.

By choosing the most efficient programs available we can deliver a quality education for a fraction of the $17,000 average.

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