Accreditation And Licensing


Accreditation is an important factor in transfer credits between schools and adds validity to your degree. It tells employers that a graduate has been prepared for a career.

All degree granting courses of KTU’s online programs have been independently accredited through either the institutions that offer them or individually as courses by an accrediting agency. KTU is not accredited, it will not be eligible for accreditation till 2022.

Completing the CompTIA A+ industry certification counts as college credit at Wilmington University. At Western Governors University it has been the corner-stone to their approach for over a decade. Both of these schools are regionally accredited.

KTU directs students to gain this foundation level certification as one of the introductory courses to computers. The same course that earns an industry recognized certificate, is transferable to many other schools as college credit.

To be clear, Kentucky Technical University has not applied for accreditation. Accrediting eligibility requires two years of operation prior to applying for accreditation.

We are currently focused on meeting the criteria necessary to be considered for accreditation.

With that said accreditation is not required of a school, a license is required from the state. It is important to distinguish between schools who have lost or been denied accreditation and those that are not yet allowed to be accredited. We’ve not been denied accreditation.

Our courses are accredited and delivered through accredited schools or are industry recognized certifications which are also used by other fully accredited universities.

Kentucky Technical University will apply for accreditation once we have enough data to be reviewed.

2022 Accreditation Plans

The university plans to apply for accreditation in 2022 when it is eligible for accreditation. At this time we expect to apply for National Accreditation through one or more of the following bodies:



KTU is in the process of developing the necessary documentation, processes and procedures to attain licensing by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. You’ve got to learn to walk before you run. At first, we’re only seeking the ability to issue associate level degrees, once we’ve done that expect more.

Refer to our website, to stay up to date on the status of our licensing by the KY CPE. We will update as the license process progresses.

For more information about licensing contact the KY Commission on Proprietary Education. While we are not proprietary they are the body that must license our program.

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