Office of the President

The University is lead by the Office of the President.   It is not an individual but a team that drives an organization’s success.  Many individuals work within this group to lead the university.  The KTU President is the head of the Office of the President.

As chief executive of the University, the President is charged with the following specific responsibility: … Providing effective leadership and support for an academic program that is consistent with the University mission, the needs of those being served, sound standards of quality, and available resources.

Matthew Leffler

Matthew Leffler is a native Kentuckian.  He graduated from Western Governors University in 2015 with a Master of Education in Instructional Design.  Prior to that he earned his Master of Business Administration in Technology Management in 2012.  Leffler completed his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2010.

Matthew is CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Project+, CSIS and CIOS certified.  

Matthew Leffler’s CompTIA certifications

Matthew also holds the following certifications:

CIW Javascript Specialist, CIW Database Specialist, CIW Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional

Matthew Leffler
Matthew Leffler, training a tech class in San Francisco while working at Hewlett Packard.

Matthew has previously worked at Accenture for INSEAD, helping to design a post graduate certificate program in Business Strategy, as an Information Governance Trainer at Hewlett Packard and at Gateway Computers.

About Matthew Leffler

Matthew founded Ultimate SEO LLC in 2018 and serves as the Managing Director.  Ultimate SEO focuses on Technical SEO.  Through this experience Matt was exposed to a variety of client needs and technology environments.

Matthew is a strong believer in the model of education that Western Governors University pioneered where deliverables exceed the importance of the method used to produce those results.  Traditional educational institutions place importance on dogma, pomp and circumstance, distracted from the end product.

Kentucky Technical University was founded by Matthew Leffler and several of KTU’s other leaders in 2020 to deliver an education to as many people who wanted an opportunity.  Where other schools are exclusive, KTU is zealous about being inclusive.

KTU is designed to be a school offering second, third and fourth chances.  Matthew Leffler, prior to his BSIT, went to three other colleges and failed at all three.  It took an innovative school like WGU to keep him engaged.

Matthew Leffler is the President of Kentucky Technical University Corporation and a member of the KTU Board of Regents.  In keeping with the university’s accessible mission, Matthew serves as a Course Mentor and as an Academic Mentor with students assigned directly to him for advising.  

Matt believes a leader never asks for someone to do more than they would do.  All KTU administrators are required to work directly with students in an advising role.

Compensation Transparency

In an effort of transparency KTU reports the administrations salaries on their profile pages.  The KTU President is paid $0 a year.  KTUC receives donations from Matt Leffler’s for profit corporation Ultimate SEO LLC and donations from Matthew personally.  

Matt and Brian at a cousin’s wedding on their grandparents farm.

Role Of the KTU President

The President of the University is responsible to the KTU Board of Regents. Within the policies and regulations of the Board and of other state and federal authorities, the President of the University, as chief executive officer, has general authority and responsibility for the University and for keeping the Board of Regents informed regarding the University in a timely and appropriate manner.

The President is expected to demonstrate those leadership skills necessary for the dynamic pursuit of the goals and objectives embodied in the mission of the University. The President is also expected to understand the higher education needs of the University’s service region, work with the Board to develop proposals for meeting those needs, and provide leadership to foster cooperation between campus and community in fulfilling the University’s teaching, research, and public service responsibilities.

The President is expected to consult appropriately with faculty, students, staff and community partners in discharging the responsibilities of the office. The President is also expected to ensure that the policies, procedures and actions of the Board are communicated to appropriate constituencies of the University.

Along with the CEO, KTU has the following C-suite roles:

  • Chief Academics Officer – CAO
  • Chief Compliance Officer – CCO
  • Chief Operations Officer – COO
  • Chief Financial Officer – CFO
  • Chief Marketing Officer – CMO

To review these roles or the person in this role you can search the site or visit KTUC at 

As chief executive of the University, the President is charged with the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Exercising effective leadership in a joint effort with the Board to implement the mission of the University, as delineated in role and scope statements approved by the Board.
  2. Providing effective leadership and support for an academic program that is consistent with the University mission, the needs of those being served, sound standards of quality, and available resources.
  3. Providing effective leadership and support for a program of student life that complements the academic program and recognizes the diverse interests and needs of the student body.
  4. Developing a competent administrative organization and staff to ensure effective and efficient management of the University.
  5. Maintaining lawful, equitable and efficient personnel programs, including: appointment of qualified persons to the faculty and staff and promotion, retention or dismissal for cause of the same.
  6. In addition to any budget formula established by the Board, recommending to the Board annual operating and capital budgets and other plans, financial and otherwise, for realizing the University mission, and providing sound management of the approved budgets and plans. Budgets should reflect priorities of the University and facilitate their achievement.
  7. Interacting with appropriate external bodies, including state and national accrediting groups, to achieve the mission of the University in a manner consistent with Board policy, statutory and regulatory provisions, and sound academic principles.
  8. Development of an effective external relations and fundraising program for the University.
  9. Undertaking assignments requested by the Board.
  10. Demonstrating effective pursuit of the Board’s goals and objectives for both the current year and the long term.

The President is appointed by the Board and is an at-will employee of the University.

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