Nonprofit Corporation And Governance

Nonprofit Corporation

KTU or more accurately, the ​Kentucky Technical University Corporation​, KTUC is a registered not for profit corporate entity in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Anyone can look the status of our corporation up on the Secretary of State’s website.

We incorporated July of 2020 as a nonprofit corporation. As a nonprofit we do not try to profit off of our student’s educational goals. We honestly believe education should be available to anyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Any “profits” of the corporation are used to provide more students with an education through reduced tuition, based on credits applied during the admission process.

These credits are intended to ensure no less than 30% of the student body in Kentucky receives a full scholarship. Scholarships cover all KTU fees and any certification or exam costs.


KTU is governed by a board of regents. A minimum of three regents is required to form this governing body. The board has three members named on the formation documents.

Board of Regents: Matthew Leffler, Derrick Russell, Jimmy Ausbrooks

Additional members may be named to the board by the Leffler Foundation Inc Board of Directors, upon a majority vote of LFI directors. A new regent’s term will be defined by the KTUC By Laws or by the LFI Board of Directors.

KTUC is an independent nonprofit corporation, but is closely affiliated with LFI. Each has their own governing body but both share the same mission for advancing the technology training of the people we come into contact with.

Tax Exempt

We operate as an extension of the mission and goals of Leffler Foundation Inc, a tech training nonprofit that is a public charity and tax exempt. KTUC has applied for tax exempt status on its own to ensure a consistent level of mission.

LFI is a 501(c)(3) entity. KTUC expects to be classified as a public charity 509(a)(3) which will allow it to accept donations which are tax deductible as well as exempt KTU from sales tax, property tax and more.

Until we have completed this process we encourage you to directly support LFI’s work, which includes KTUC.

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