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Costs At KTU

Full Term Tuition is considered at least 12 credit hours within a given term. The university bills a flat rate full term tuition of $1300 per term. This means a credit hour is billed at $100. This is the most any student will pay, we offer need based tuition to students who qualify.

Other Kentucky universities typically cost $450 to $530 per credit hour.

Fee Schedule




Application Fee


Applied toward tuition

Full Term Tuition


Includes all mandatory texts and materials

Re-Testing Fee


Students who fail two or more proctored assessment are required to pay for retesting at a rate of $75

Graduation Fee


Includes cost of diploma, degree or certificate

Digital Records or Transcripts


Mailed Transcripts



There are no textbook costs or lab material fees. These are digitally provided during the course. If a course requires material not supplied to you, please contact Student Services.


Students with a withdrawal date up through the completion of 60% of a term are eligible for a refund of a prorated portion of tuition. Students with a withdrawal date occurring after 60% of the term is completed are not eligible for a refund. The admission application fee, any resource fee, and program specific fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise noted in this document..

Refunds must be requested within 60 days of withdrawal. Refunds will be credited back to the original payment method, unless the original method was cash. Cash will be refunded via check.

Students Expelled or Suspended are not eligible for refunds.

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