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School Colors

KTU utilizes three colors in its branding.

Hunter Green, Cyan and Gold.  Green symbolizes Growth, Blue for Honor and Gold for Confidence. 

School Coat of Arms

In the coat of arms we see four areas each with an icon.  The first icon, a leaf is meant too signify a sapling and the growth and prosperity to come.

The second icon is of computer code brackets, signifying the schools technology focus.  

The next icon is of a group of people, this is meant to symbolize the community and network of support the university strives to be and finally a pick axe is displayed symbolizing the hard work that students will have to accomplish in order to graduate.

The shield is surrounded by 6 fleur de lis.  These symbolize the city of Louisville.  One fleur de lis depicts one of the sixth distinct areas of Louisville, for the westend, downtown/central, eastend, southwest, southeast and southend.

School Seal

The seal is simply the KTUC logo surrounded by two circles.  The wider inner circle is gold and has the full KTUC name with holly branches seperating “Corporation” from the rest of the name.

In the inner void the text “Louisville” and “est 2020” are at the top and bottom with the KTUC logo centered between them.  Additionally the motto of the school is in latin and displayed.  A starburst is just over Louisville signifying the beginning of something new.  The KTUC logo’s torch of light is the largest feature on the seal.  It is the lamp of knowledge.

School Motto


“Now is the time to seize the day” and “Confidence to Persevere”  

These mottos are displayed on the seal in latin as well as on the school’s diplomas.

Diploma Design

KTU Associate Degree

The diploma features all three school colors in raised foil lettering using a gothic style font for the school name (slightly arched), student name, degree and area.  The text of the document is in a script font and the school seal and coat of arms are attached at the bottom.  The seal is specific to KTUC while the coat of arms is unique to KTU. All three KTU Regents sign the diplomas and their official title is listed below their names.  The schools logo is visible as a large centered watermark.  Both school mottos are displayed in latin in small gold arched text.

The diplomas will be printed as 8.5″ x 11″ to accommodate the most standardized frame sizes.

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