Academic Advising

For Academic Advising Call 844-446-2588

Office of the Provost

As Chief Academic Officer, the Provost is charged with ensuring the quality of education received by students.  Students are encouraged to reach out to the Provost if they are unable to receive the support needed from their Academic Mentor.  The Provost serves as the lead Academic Mentor and oversees this advising component.

Course Tutors

All courses offered through KTU's partnership with include free tutors upon request.  This resource is available in over half of the courses offered by KTU.  To request help with course content students should utilize the portal.

Course Mentors

All KTU courses will have a Course Mentor or a Facilitator who is available to the student to discuss course concepts, course assignments and course requirements.  Course Mentors are accepted to be experts in their related field to the course content.  Course Mentors are not just reactive to student contact but are proactive and monitor course enrollment and progression reaching out to students as they begin the course or if they are identified as at risk of not completing the course.  Course mentors sometimes include third party instructors, contracted to facilitate learning.

The Course Mentor for each course will be listed in the LMS for that particular course with contact information. Visit the LMS by clicking here.

Academic Mentors

During a student's first course, KTU Orientation they will be introduced to their assigned Academic Mentor.  Academic Mentors are instructors who are assigned to a student, generally throughout the life of the students time at KTU.  With the Academic Mentor all students will complete a Degree Plan, mapping out their path to completing a degree or certificate program.  All degree plans are reviewed by the Provost, once accepted the student has successfully completed their orientation and may proceed along their plan.

This orientation is important because it introduces the student to their go to point of contact with the university.  It further ensures they understand the courses needed to complete their end goal ... to graduate.  It introduces the student to the office of the Provost, providing an additional touch point.

Academic Mentors will have regularly scheduled meetings with their students on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as determined by the student and mentor.  All new students are required to meet weekly with their Academic Mentor for the first three weeks or until the mentor is confident the student is able to progress in their degree plan with less meetings.

To schedule a meeting with an Academic Mentor, students should use the KTU LMS or email their mentor directly.

Schedule meeting for Academic Mentorship

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