Degree Plan

At KTU we believe that every student should have an active hand in choosing the courses that interest them.  For that reason we’ve added 56 courses, an optional capstone project and career internships to our program.

With 56 courses the university offers 164 credit hours through courses.  Twelve additional credit hours can be earned through a Capstone project and three more credit hours are available for internships.  That is a total of 179 credit hours offered, an associate degree requires 60 credit hours.  This allows students to choose a lot of their courses and allows plenty of customization in completing their KTU degree.

Students are required to start their journey at KTU attending our orientation which includes creating their Degree Plan.  This plan forms the blueprint of the courses they can take to earn various certificates or a degree.

Courses Grouped

The Degree Plan has all of the courses offered at KTU divided into groups.  These groups have their own set requirements within them but largely allow the student to choose the courses within the group that they are most interested in and that best meet their learning style.

Courses are primarily derived from two types of courses.  

Assessment Based 

Are courses that culminate with a high stakes final exam, often the exam is an industry recognized certificate.  These courses allow students to test when they are ready and excel the process of completing their degree.

Performance Based

Performance based courses are more like your typical college course where there may be several tasks assigned that must be completed to earn the credit for completing the course.

The Core Courses group has a total of six courses in it.  Each course is worth three credit hours.  Within this group students are required to complete 12 credits to complete an associate degree.  That means students must pick 4 of the six courses from this group, they can take all six of six if they like but the minimal is still four to graduate.

Course Catalogue

The KTU Course Catalogue helps describe each course, and through the Degree Plan’s groups students can pick their courses and know that they are meeting the requirements of their degree.


Many KTU certificates can be completed in a term with only four courses.  Certificate courses also count toward an associate degree if a student wishes to complete the required 60 credit hours.

Capstone And Internships

In addition to the courses, credit hours can be earned through an optional Capstone project.  The Capstone is worth 12 credit hours and is discussed in greater detail.

Additionally career skills and practical knowledge can earn credit hours through approved internships.

KTU Degree Plan Template

An Exam Centric Degree Plan

Here is an example Degree Plan that utilizes as many exam based courses and certificate exams as possible to meet the requirement of an associate degree.

Blue courses are chosen and meet the requirement for their group.  Purple are additional exam certifications in addition to the minimal that allow a student to earn the 60 hours required for an associate.

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