Associate Degree Programs

Associate of Science Informational Technology

Important: KTU is not currently enrolling students into our ASIT program.  This program is yet to be reviewed and licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Complete 60 course hours, along with the required number of credits from each course group.

Requirement: Pass all core courses, all required technology courses, and additional technology electives.  Complete an approved capstone project in the technology area of your choice or complete additional technology electives to reach 60 total credits.

Required Technical Courses include the courses listed under Technical Foundation Courses on the Degree Plan.

Required Course Credits

KTU Orientation

1 credit required

Core Courses

12 credits required

IT Fundamentals

12 credits required

Web Technologies

3 credits required

Adv Technologies

9 credits required


0 credits required

Internet Business

0 credits required


0 credits required


0 credits required

Upon completion of all required credits students will have attained a total of 36 credits.  This leaves the student to decide what courses they would like to complete to reach the full 60 credits.  Completing a Capstone project along with 2 internships can contribute an additional 18 credits.

The general goal is to complete the required credits in each category and then an additional 24 credits from the many options available.

KTU Programs

The two most distinct paths you’re likely to encounter through KTU are Information Technology and Computer Science. Technology is in our name after-all.  

It’s easy to confuse the two, but each of these disciplines demands a different set of skills and a different kind of attitude.

At a glance, IT (information technology) careers are more about installing, maintaining, and improving computer systems, operating networks, and databases. Meanwhile, computer science is about using mathematics to program systems to run more efficiently, including in design and development.

While computer science education isn’t necessary for an IT career, some IT education is fundamental for a computer science degree that later leads to job opportunities. IT can be specialized in many different ways, but CS graduates have opportunities immediately available to them that IT qualified workers don’t.

The work environments expected from both careers can vary widely, too. Most IT professionals work as part of a team in an organization, serving internal needs or working directly with clients. Computer scientists, however, work in businesses, colleges, video game development companies, or as freelancers. Regardless of which appeals more, there’s plenty of potential for career growth and lucrative job opportunities in both fields.

Information Technology

Expert-designed programs—certifications included.

Solving problems and designing solutions is your calling. To advance your career, employers expect you to prove your skills and show what you've got. That's the same way you earn a degree at KU. And by including certification prep and exams into your coursework (covered by your tuition), our programs offer a smarter bundle, tailored to today's IT industry’s requirements.

Completing a Degree Plan is required during orientation and approval of your plan must be completed by the Provost prior to students beginning their IT program courses.  

See the Degree Plan appendix for an example of the Information Technology program course requirements.

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computation and information. Computer science deals with theory of computation, algorithms, computational problems and the design of computer systems hardware, software and applications.

Computer Science is less interested in applying the technical tools to our everyday life and more focused on the code and programing of a computer application.

KTU does not offer a degree program in computer science at this time.


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