Capstone Project

Optional Capstone Course

Students may elect to complete their degree program through an optional Capstone performance assessment.

The Capstone Course is worth 12 credit hours.  Students must demonstrate through an approved self designed project the mastery of no less than 4 KTU technology course topics.

Speak to your Academic Mentor or contact Academic Advising for specific requirements prior to beginning your Capstone project.


Capstone Example 

An example Capstone project may be designing a site for a small business, in which customers can order products online.

This topic could include a cloud hosted, WordPress site on a Linux based server that is secured behind a firewall and optimized for organic SEO.

The courses this project might show mastery for include:

  • CMS Elective
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Cloud+ 
  • Networking+
  • Server+
  • Security+
  • CIW Database

While no requirement for page length exists it is generally accepted that the student will write about three pages, single space on each of the courses included in the Capstone.

The finished product must be submitted through the LMS for review.

Oral Defense

Upon review the student will meet with a university representative and discuss the work, defending it through an oral argument.

Upon completion of the oral argument and following academic review by the Provost’s office the student will be awarded 12 credit hours.

Example Capstones

Several example Capstone Projects are available for review in the Capstone course in the KTU LMS.


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