Security Certificate Program

Certificate Program

KTU Certificates


The most secure computer is one thats not on a network and lacks a keyboard and mouse.  Its also the least useful.

IT is big business but data breaches, and laws like CCPA and GDPR make IT worthless if not properly secured.  This KTU Certificate combines security lessons for infrastructure and utilizes multiple sources to ensure a broad exposure to protecting resources.

Required Courses

  • A+ 
  • Networking+ 
  • Security+ 
  • AWS Security Fundamentals 
  • or Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks
  • Plus an additional elective advanced technology course


Total Credit Hours: 15


Tuition Costs

KTU charges a flat tuition of $1300 for a full time term.    There are no other fees associated with this program. 

Each term is four months.

Learning Environment

All KTU courses are virtual and self led.  

Academic Mentors And Support

Just because it is an online experience does not mean you will not have the support you need.  You will be assigned to an Academic Mentor who can help guide you through the program 

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