SEM Certificate Program

SEM Certificate

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

KTU knows SEO and SEM.  They are closely related and often overlap but distinct differences make  being an expert in both rather difficult.  SEO is focused on ranking through “organic” means where SEM is Pay Per Click or pay to play.

Google uses over 200 signals to determine a site’s ranking.  That gets complicated fast.  Its important to understand which are more important than others.  Site load time is a dominate factor today with so many mobile users.  We help you figure out if you should work on the http(s) and how ranking can be affected by insecure content.  

We’re pleased to offer a search engine optimization certificate as part of our technology programs.


None required.  Some experience with how websites work is useful.

KTU SEM Cert Hours Required

This certificate can be completed in 16 credit hours or in as little as four months.

KTU SEM Certificate Program … Courses

  • Intro CMS 
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization 
  • Getting Started in Google Analytics 
  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals 
  • Digital Marketing

Tuition Costs

KTU charges a flat tuition of $1300 for a full time term.    There are no other fees associated with this program. 

Each term is four months.

Learning Environment

All KTU courses are virtual and self led.  

Academic Mentors And Support

Just because it is an online experience does not mean you will not have the support you need.  You will be assigned to an Academic Mentor who can help guide you through the program.


Who Should Consider It?

Useful to improve existing associate or bachelor level degree.  Those looking to build toward a degree. 


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