Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements, prior to graduating.

  1. Satisfy Degree Plan - Students meeting their original or approved edited degree plan's criteria.  The degree plan is the first activity any KTU student completes, it serves as the blue print for their degree plan.
  2. Complete the Application For Graduation
  3. Satisfy all financial obligations with the Bursar
  4. Upon approval from the Registrar and the Bursar the Provost will approve the application.  The student will be considered graduated on the date of this approval and this is the date that will be reflected on the diploma.
  5. The Registrar will mail a free copy of the diploma to the graduate.
  6. The graduate may participate at the next graduation ceremony and if they do not participate in the ceremony they will still be listed at that ceremony as a graduate.

Program specific requirements exist.  To learn more about a program's requirements review that program specifically.

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