KTU Student Term Life Cycle

This diagram illustrates the flow of tasks and departments involved in helping a prospective student complete their first term at KTU.

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Process of Student Enrollment

In the flow chart we note what department does what, what forms are needed for different steps.  We note with a gears icon places in-which the university has to process something before the flow chart can continue.

This process repeats each term except for the Admissions Department’s role (green) after the first term.  Admissions would only repeat if a student is returning to KTU after withdrawing.

Mandatory Waiting Period For Enrollment Agreement

The Admissions Department will provide all prospective students with an Enrollment Packet that shall include:

1. KTU Enrollment Agreement
2. Free Digital Copy of KTUC Course Catalogue (paperback copy available for fullfillment by Amazon.com for $6)
3. Schedule of University Fees and Tuition
4. Student Financial Aid Awarded

Upon electronic delivery to the student the a mandatory 7 day waiting period is required for review and questions. (This means if there are less than 7 days in the month left that the student start date will fall on the next 1st of the month.)



Satisfactory Academic Progress affects the larger term to term process.  To learn more visit the SAP information page.

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