Office Of The Provost

The Provost is:

A provost is the senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada and the equivalent of a deputy vice-chancellor at some institutions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

The Dean of Academics could be another name but essentially the Provost is the university’s chief academic officer.  The KTU Provost is involved in the approval of student’s degree plans, verifying the completion and scores of courses and charged with insuring academic policies are met to maintain the university’s license and or accreditation.

Derrick Russell

As Provost, Derrick is the Chief Academic Officer of KTU and charged with ensuring academic standards and policies are fairly and consistently applied to each student.

The KTU Degree Plan serves as the academic road map and must be approved for each student by the Provost’s office.

Additionally course completion, transfer credits and academic advising all fall under the Provost’s office.

Derrick Russell

KTU Provost

Derrick hold the following degrees:

  • Master of Education in Instructional Design
  • Master of Business Administration in Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

As much of our courses and academic credits are tied to CompTIA certifications its important to note that Derrick currently holds several certifications including:

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