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Tuition Payments

Student Tuition is billed at $1300 per term. Students may receive additional funding through third parties and or University credits as awarded upon review of Needs Based Tuition submissions. Funds are applied first from third parties, second from the University and third from the student. Any over payment is disbursed after one month to the student directly.

Overpayment And Application of Funds

Overpayments do not include University credits. For example if a student is awarded a University credit of $600 and a scholarship program mails a check in on behalf of the student for $1300, the scholarship funds are applied first. This pays the student account down to $0. The University credits awarded are not eligible for disbursement to the student but instead go back into the University credits pool making them available to other students.

Another example would be a student receives a third party scholarship or grant payment of $1000. The University awarded a credit of $100. The student would then need to pay $200 to bring the student account to $1300, the amount billed for a full term. No overpayment exists.

Review the KTUC Refund and Withdraw policies in the course catalogue at

Mail Payments

Tuition payments can be accepted by mailing a check or money order to:

Kentucky Technical University Corporation
4010 Dupont Circle
Suite 480
Louisville, KY 40217

Please make all payments to Kentucky Technical University Corporation and note on the check memo the Student ID.

Student ID On Check

All checks are required to include the Student ID. Checks without a Student ID will be held for one month and then deposited as a donation to the University unless matched with a student. The University is a tax-deductible non-profit and applies for grants and receives donations. Including a student ID on the check ensures the University applies the funds to the student's account. Students will have an addition month to claim funds deposited in error as a donation.

Pay Online

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Monthly Payment Plans

If a student is approved for a monthly payment plan for tuition they must make their payment using this process and form each month to remain in good standing. If a student misses a monthly payment, a late fee of $50 may be added to the student account. Failure to pay a monthly payment after 30 days constitutes a Student Withdraw from all courses.

Questions About Your Payment

Contact the KTU Bursar at 844-446-2588 and select the Bursar's office or email