Why Attend KTU?

Because we really are different.  We really are student centric.  We deliver value to our students by first offering in demand technical programs and second we deliver those for much less.

How To Apply

KTU requires students to have a high school diploma or a GED. If students do not yet hold either of these credentials they will be referred to our GED Prep program, Kentucky Institute. KI helps students prepare for the GED examination through online tutoring resources. Visit // for more information on GED programs. KTU is an online institution and requires students to have technology access including a computer, Chromebook or tablet as well as connectivity. We provide all of the software required to complete our programs. ACT and SAT scores are requested, in order to help us determine the best placement for a future student. KTU does not require an ACT or SAT score for admission.

Students may apply for admission to KTU by completing our Student Application. Fill Student Application Online

Application Fee

Why charge an application fee?  Well … If a student wants to apply for admission at a school but does not want to part with $20 we may want to postpone reviewing that application until they are more interested.  An application does require effort to review and make tuition assessments.  A fee, off sets the cost to the university community and helps ensure only students who are ready actually apply. There is a $20 application fee, which when admitted is applied toward the student’s tuition. If a student is denied, KTU will refund the application fee, the first time a student applies and is not accepted. Students may reapply for admission after a 60 day waiting period and are required to pay the nonrefundable reapplication fee of $20. If admitted but the student doesn’t enroll within 30 days, the application fee is used to process their admission application and is not refundable. Students who do not enroll in 30 days are able to reapply, pay the application fee again after a 60 day waiting period since their last application. Individual courses may have additional requirements for enrollment, these added requirements never include added fees to the student. As many of our courses are actually offered through third parties or examinations, students must meet their requirements as well.  These would include, as an example, CompTIA Network+.  CompTIA requires a student to have completed A+ or ITF+ before attempting Network+.
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Transfer Credits

We offer full acceptance of any licensed or accredited institution.  As well as offer transfer credit for the same industry certifications included in our programs. That means if you already hold a Network+ certification you’ve already passed two of our courses,. KTU credits may not transfer out of KTU to other institutions, to find out if a school accepts our course credits you will need to contact that institution. KTU does not grant transfer credits for career experience. We believe career experience is valuable and can be seen in the speed at which a student completes their degree plan and course work.


Only internships completed while attending KTU are possibly eligible for college credits.  Generally speaking an internship will earn a student 3 credit hours.  If a student completes multiple internships, they may receive no more than 6 total credit hours from internships.

Residency Requirements

There are no residency requirements. We don’t care where you live, just that you’re ready to learn.  Kentucky residents are eligible for tuition credits. International students may enroll in KTU and complete any degree program.  International students are not eligible for tuition credits.

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More Admissions Info

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