Welcome From The President

Welcome to a nontraditional learning experience designed to bring educational opportunities to more of the people in Kentucky.

What makes us stand out, we want you to succeed without all the debt and we're not interested in all the dogma.

There's no reason for Kentuckians to graduate with fifty or a hundred thousand dollars of student debt.

A quality education is accessible for the cost of a semester as an instate student in a public university. These schools have put basketball and buildings ahead of students and KTU is here to call them on that fact. We also aren't so self involved that we need you to buy our textbooks and listen weekly for us to explain what you may have already figured out.

That's where our approach to industry certifications plays a strong role. Rather than attending months of lectures we provide the opportunity to learn or the ability to sit for an industry accepted certification, worth college credits.

An example would be, a networking course. If you can pass the CompTIA Network+ exam, then you've achieved the college credit that comes with a networking class.

We dispense with the dogma, the rigid schedules and we work with other organizations to deliver students an exceptional value.

Many students will pay less than a hundred dollars per semester. Our tuition is determined by a sliding scale that is needs based. Even at the top of the scale tuition is capped at no more than $1300 per semester for full time students.

While we’re online, we are not far away. I expect that within a student’s first term they interact with me, the Provost, the Dean of Students and the Registrar each one on one.

We’re hands on and we’re involved in your success. I challenge you to find another institution that is as accessible, innovative and affordable.

We are not easy. It is likely harder to complete a distance, self lead degree program than attend your local community college. If you are driven, you can achieve more, faster at KTU.

Warmest Regards,

Matthew Leffler, MBA, MEd.

Kentucky Technical University






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