Virtual Campus Map

Need help figuring out where something is located?  Just like on a physical college campus it can be a challenge navigating all the places needed to deliver a college experience.  We have created our Virtual Campus Map to help fill in the gap.  


Kentucky Technical University is an online campus. No physical classes are held. 

KTU Administration

KTU Administration Office
4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 480
Louisville, KY 40407

Please note that until the university has students inquires at the Dupont Circle office are by appointment.  There are no open hours as of yet.

Mailing Address

Kentucky Technical University Corporation
1355 Bardstown Rd #149
Louisville, KY 40204


Student Study Offices

The university is working on a plan to partner with a provider of coworking office space with locations throughout the US.  

The program if successful will provide students access to shared coworking space in thousands of locations.  Perfect for quiet work on your own or to meet up with other students and work together.

At this time this plan is still in its planning stage. 

Student Housing 


KTU student housing is still in its pilot program.  We have a limited number of private rooms available in Louisville, KY.  The location is near the University of Louisville campus, but for privacy concerns we are not listing the address online.

KTU Virtual Campus

KTU considers the several website’s it operates as the campus.

Campus Map

Our campus map can be visited at //

Main University Sites

  • LMS – student course administration
  • Corporate Site – corporate transparency, filings and updates
  • Student Union – student services site offering collaboration and networking
  • – is the employment and human resource site for KTU Faculty and Staff
  • – is the quick and easy way to get help and support.

Additional Sites – a faculty, student, staff directory that you can use to find someone. – An admissions site for spreading the word about KTU. – Our international focused site – campus store where one can purchase KTU logo wear, also accessible by visiting
KYTech.Press – University News, planned to be student led and to serve as a campus student publication is a domain that we bought before settling on is our GED Prep Program to help students become eligible for KTU redirects to is a domain that we bought before settling on An auxiliary site designed to serve as a donation and scholarship hub.

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