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Kentucky Technical University Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2020. Our mission is to be the most affordable, innovative and accessible education.

"Where other universities pride themselves on how many they reject, we pride ourselves on being inclusive"
Matthew Leffler
KTU President

We’ve created // to serve as an east access point for all potential, past and current faculty and staff.

volunteers at ktu

Our mission is not possible without the gifts of our volunteers.  Learn more about the roles volunteers can make at KTU.

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Jobs At KTU

Bursar / CFO

The Bursar serves as the schools treasurer and fills the role of CFO.

Director of Information Technology / CTO

While we teach technology we also need the application and use of technology. The CTO will lead our plans to keep KTU operating efficiently.

Grant Manager

As we evolve we will want to diversify our income through grants offered by various third parties.

Admissions Director / CMO

Charged with getting out the message and helping prospective students enroll the CMO is the first contact.

Academic Mentor

You will be the students inside guy or gal for the duration of their degree program.

Instructional Designer

You will help us develop course material that is delivered via our LMS that supports our degree programs and engages our students

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