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Record Keeping And Transcripts

Student Records are the joint property of the school as well as the student. No student information will be provided to any third party without prior consent from the student. Students may provide consent by visiting the //​ site or through the forms library on this site.

Without a students permission to release their records the KTU Registrar will refuse any third party's request regardless of the organization or use of the information.

Chris Coffman, Registrar, is a licensed, practicing attorney in Kentucky as well as a member of multiple Bar Associations.  His primary focus has been criminal and civil defense, he may elect to challenge any court order for student information if he feels the request violates our student's rights.  The Office of the President has asked the Registrar to error on the side of privacy in any situation.

At no time, will this organization sell student data.

In the event of a data breach, the registrar has specific policies and procedures in place to alert the affected and to seek every possible legal recourse available.

KTU Records

All KTU course progress and materials are available digitally through the Kentucky University Office of the Registrar and or the institution offering the course. Records will be maintained digitally in our LMS system for the required time period.

Transcripts requested by a student for another institution should be mailed directly to the third party. Any transcript document provided by a student to a third party should be considered unofficial unless sealed in an envelope marked as “Official KTU Transcript”.

Kentucky Law Requires – Record keeping and Reports

Private and parochial schools are required to report to the local school district superintendent the names, ages, and places of residence of all pupils and any other information the superintendent requires to comply with the laws relating to the compulsory attendance and employment of children within two weeks of the first day of the school year.

If a private, parochial or church regular day school declines to notify the local board of education of those students in attendance, the school must notify each student’s parent/guardian in writing and it then becomes the duty of the parent/guardian to notify the local board of education.

Private and parochial schools must keep student attendance records in a register provided by the State Board for Elementary and Secondary Education. The schools must make attendance and scholarship reports in the same manner as required of public school officials.

The schools must be open to inspection by the directors of pupil personnel and officials of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) at all times.

Voter registration forms are available to private schools upon request from the county clerk. The school may designate an individual to inform students and employees of the availability of the forms and assist them in properly registering. The completed forms must be returned to the county clerk for official registration.

Proprietary schools are subject to state minimum standards. The standards include that student and faculty records must be available for inspection.


The state of Kentucky requires job placement statistics for all graduates, as part of any student's obligation to the university we require all students to complete a placement survey after graduation.

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