Contact Student Services at 844-446-2588

Student Union

KTU attempts to offer a student focused experience through our student union website.

Student email accounts and G-Suite Tools are available to you through our student union.  All student accounts use the TLD.

Student Services

Our student support services are led by a licensed mental health counselor. Student services is able to help bridge the gaps between now and graduation. Some of our student services are:

  • Student Housing - limited availability
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Safer Sex Programs (PrEP)
  • Basic Personal Finance Training
  • Career Skills Development

You’d be surprised at what we can collectively do with a few friends, but you shouldn’t be as that is KTU’s story.

Student Organizations

The university administration is actually somewhat connected to each other through their student organization membership in the 1990s. Which is why we fully encourage students to form organizations, so long as they are inclusive and adhere to the Student Code.

Student organizations can be formally recognized and listed on our site or hosted as an internal site as well as a Google group for free.

Research has shown the best indicator of someone’s future success is their network. The more connected they are the more resources at their disposal.

To help facilitate that network we’ve created which will serve as an online student union.

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